Twitter user points out that every maths teacher seems to wear the same shoes

Thousands of Twitter users are laughing about the fact their geometry teachers all seem to have worn the same shoes

It’s funny how we can hold such powerful memories about school – the way that our teachers used to dress, the smell of the books in the library and even the feel of particular classrooms.

But one Twitter user has highlighted the unusal coincidence – or possibly secret dress code – of maths teachers’ shoes.

Starting the trend of discussing at length what geometry teachers wore, Twitter user and comedian, Eli Yudin, shared a picture of ordinary brown leather shoes, accompanied with the caption: “These shoes were built for one thing: Teaching Geometry”.

The shoes in question are brown leather Merrell Jungle Moc shoes and the statement generalising the fashion sense of geometry teachers has tickled Twitter’s funny bone.

The tweet now has in excess of 6000 retweets, 1,000 quote tweets and 77.8K likes.

Some Twitter users were nostalgic for the days of seeing those specific shoes in the classroom.

One commented: “Seeing these in your peripheral, hunched over an exam, feeling khakis brush your elbow. Real 8th grade s***”.

Another added: “Ah yes, the Merrell Jungle Moc shoes. The comfort of geometry teachers everywhere.”

At one point, someone claiming to be a real life maths teacher joined in with a picture holding up a pair of almost identical shoes saying: “Teaching math since ‘96, these shoes rock, QED”.

Another maths teacher confessed: “Real talk: I wore these when I taught math. You can’t wear them Kenneth Coles all day when you’re on your feet all the time. I still have a pair today. Best shoes”.

Pretty quickly, more snaps of the identical shoes flooded the thread with someone replying to a particular picture with a rather ingenious pun, commenting: “Just like geometry it’s all about them angles.”

Some remarked how the shoes are like ‘the corduroy pants of shoes’ and others laughed about the fact that they ‘have real fold-up bike energy’.