Couple take up task of transforming a mortuary into a family home

The building comes complete with an embalming room in the basement as well as many other eerie features

When you’re setting up a home, it’s common to want to change the wallpaper and add a splash of colour to the walls.

It’s not everyday, however, that you find yourself clearing out embalming basements and parlours.

That’s what happen to one couple who ended up buying a former mortuary.

Kaycee and her husband Andrew Olague bought the 98-year-old home just over a year ago and have been creating TiKTok videos about their spooky abode.

The former funeral home was constructed in 1923 for the coroner of their town, Tracy in California. In 1927, the original coroner constructed his own business and the now home became his private residence.

The videos posted to TikTok from the account @thisoldmortuary detail everything from the history of the home, to the unusual items they’ve stumbled across while renovating.

As you’d expect, the house has retained many features from its time as a mortuary, some a little less desirable than others.

As you approach the property, noticeably, there are two front doors, one that would have been used by the coroner and his family and one for the funeral home business.

There are additional windows in a certain area of the house, where a viewing room once would have been. The couple are even still trying to decipher which rooms would have been parlour rooms, speculating that their dining room would have likely been one.

One of the most eerie rooms is a basement that used to function as an embalming room. Here they have uncovered a drain in the floor that leads directly to the sewer and hooks in the ceiling that would have been used for gravity embalming.

So how did Kaycee and Andrew end up owning the historical home? They essentially were priced out of their hometown of the San Francisco Bay Area, so moved to Tracy, California.

Interestingly they were only a few days away from closing on the house purchase before realising that it was an ex mortuary but they still decided to go forward with the purchase.

With the help of neighbours and a local historical society, they have uncovered some of the home’s history. They shared with their TikTok followers that the original owners sold the home to a family that would then make it into a mortuary.

It only served as a mortuary for a few years until the business was moved next door. This business was passed down through the family.

They believe that no cremations took place on this site and there were no refrigerators for bodies, as this would have been inappropriate for the era. They have however learnt that there was a dumbwaiter in the house that was used to transport bodies.

Of course, TikTok has gone wild with many describing the unease that they would have living there, with some believing that the home must be a hub for paranormal activity.

One commented: “Yup I couldn’t live there, I don’t care how long ago it was, I’d be too scared”.

Another added: “Nope this s*** is how horror movies start.”

For all of the TikTok users panicked at the sheer thought of living in an ex mortuary, there are comments from others praising the way that the couple are renovating the house while being respectful of its history.