I’m almost 40 but I look better than women who are 20 years younger than me’

One influencer went viral on TikTok after discussing her thoughts on age, as she jokily mocked those who say they don’t date women over 40 because they’re ‘too old’

This woman really promotes the old expression that ‘age is just a number.”

Smiling at the camera and showing off her figure, influencer Ruby is the picture of good health.

On TikTok, she has joked about people underestimating her as she gets older.

Talking about her experiences on TikTok, Ruby, who also works as an OnlyFans model, went viral after sharing a cheeky video poking fun at people’s expectations.

Cue, viewers being left in disbelief, with many struggling to believe that Ruby is the age she says she is.

The influencer, who goes by the name of @queenrubyuk2 on TikTok, uploaded a video of herself wearing a tight black blazer as a dress.

In the video, she wrote: “I won’t date a woman older than 40” – designed to represent a view held by some.

She then captioned her video “I look better than most 20-year-olds,” with a shrugging emoji to denote her confusion.

The influencer, who has over 190,000 followers on TikTok, prompted a slew of comments after posting the video online.

One fan wrote: “Love an older woman, these lads are mad.”

“You look great – age is just a number,” a second added.

A third commented: “I’m 50 and look after myself, you young lady are mighty fine.”

Meanwhile, another mum went viral after talking about her bond with her stepdaughter – who is seven years younger.

Sav Martin took on step mum duties when she was 23 after she began dating salon owner Chris, 44.

Meeting his kids wasn’t smooth sailing at first, – with eldest daughter Tizziana – who was 17 at the time – didn’t take kindly to her dad dating Sav.

But now, Sav says the pair are closer than ever.

Speaking on her and Chris’ joint YouTube channel, she said: “Now we’re best friends and she is like my right-hand man.”